Welcome to Saratoga’s Local Source of Great Clubhouse Seats 

This year’s season will start on Thursday, July 14th.  With Covid restrictions behind us, it looks like a great meet and pre-sales are at record levels.  Please email us at spatickets@yahoo.com or call/text us at 518-832-3796 and let us know your requirements.  Also, note that our seats are official NYRA printed tickets sent to you Priority Mail and include admission to the track & clubhouse ($10 value).  They do not require you to carry a smart phone for scanning.  We can also meet you at the track with your purchase or arrange for in-person delivery in the Saratoga area.  We look forward to serving you again in this year.

Box Seats–We now have regular access to box seats.  Please contact us for your requests.


Currently Available Seats:

July 14
July 144ClubhouseFA$50
July 152ClubhouseBAA$60
July 154ClubhouseE A$50
July 154ClubhouseFA$50
July 164ClubhouseEA$75
July 164ClubhouseFA$75
July 174ClubhouseBAA$60
July 174ClubhouseEA$50
July 174ClubhouseFA$50
July 204ClubhouseBAA$45
July 204ClubhouseEA$35
July 204ClubhouseFA$35
July 214ClubhouseBAA$50
July 214ClubhouseEA$45
July 214ClubhouseFA$45
July 224ClubhouseBAA$60
July 224ClubhouseEA$50
July 224ClubhouseFA$50
July 234ClubhouseEA$45
July 234ClubhouseFA$45
July 244ClubhouseBAA$60
July 244ClubhouseEA$50
July 244ClubhouseFA$50
July 274ClubhouseBAA$45
July 274ClubhouseEA$35
July 274ClubhouseFA$35
July 284ClubhouseEA$45
July 284ClubhouseFA$45
July 294ClubhouseEA$50
July 294ClubhouseFA$50
July 304ClubhouseEA$125
July 304ClubhouseFA$125
July 314ClubhouseBAA$55
July 314ClubhouseEA$45
July 314ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 34ClubhouseBAA$45
Aug 34ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 34ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 44ClubhouseBAA$55
Aug 44ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 44ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 54ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 54ClubhouseEA$50
Aug 54ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 64ClubhouseEA$250
Aug 64ClubhouseFA$250
Aug 74ClubhouseBAA$50
Aug 74ClubhouseEA$40
Aug 74ClubhouseFA$40
Aug 104ClubhouseBAA$45
Aug 104ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 104ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 114ClubhouseBAA$55
Aug 114ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 114ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 124ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 124ClubhouseEA$50
Aug 124ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 134ClubhouseEA$100
Aug 134ClubhouseFA$100
Aug 144ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 144ClubhouseEA$50
Aug 144ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 174ClubhouseBAA$45
Aug 174ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 174ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 184ClubhouseBAA$55
Aug 184ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 184ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 194ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 194ClubhouseEA$50
Aug 194ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 204ClubhouseEA$125
Aug 204ClubhouseFA$125
Aug 214ClubhouseBAA$55
Aug 214ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 214ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 244ClubhouseBAA$45
Aug 244ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 244ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 254ClubhouseBAA$55
Aug 254ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 254ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 264ClubhouseBAA$75
Aug 264ClubhouseEA$60
Aug 264ClubhouseFA$60
Aug 274ClubhouseEA$400
Aug 274ClubhouseFA$400
Aug 284ClubhouseBAA$50
Aug 284ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 284ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 314ClubhouseBAA$45
Aug 314ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 314ClubhouseFA$35
Sept 14ClubhouseBAA$55
Sept 14ClubhouseEA$45
Sept 14ClubhouseFA$45
Sept 24ClubhouseBAA$60
Sept 24ClubhouseEA$50
Sept 24ClubhouseFA$50
Sept 34ClubhouseEA$75
Sept 34ClubhouseFA$75
Sept 44ClubhouseBAA$45
Sept 44ClubhouseEA$35
Sept 44ClubhouseFA$35
Sept 54ClubhouseBAA$45
Sept 54ClubhouseEA$35
Sept 54ClubhouseFA$35