This year’s tickets are now available. ¬†Order now for best selection.

2017 is our 17th year of providing great seats at Saratoga Racecourse. We have most of our seats in stock but we have a continuing supply of seats throughout the season so if you do not see what you would like please email us at or call (prefer texts) us at 518-832-3796.

All seats are fully guaranteed. We are in Saratoga and can arrange delivery by mail, to your hotel or meet you at the track.  There are no extra fees with Spa Tickets except for a $7 Priority Mail charge for all orders under $300.

Please note that this year all ticket prices include both track admission ($5) and clubhouse admission ($3).

When the season starts, please check out our Facebook page We post photos from the track every day.


Available Seats For Saratoga Racetrack:

  • Min order 2 seats
  • All groups of 4 are consecutive seats
  • Subject to prior sale
  • Price includes track and clubhouse admission where appropriate
  • All Prices are per seat

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Check Saratoga Seating Diagram here.

You can check out the racing calendar here.

Currently Available Seats:

July 234ClubhouseDK$60
July 234ClubhouseEA$55
July 234ClubhouseFA$55
July 244ClubhouseDK$35
July 242ClubhouseEB$35
July 244ClubhouseBAA$50
July 244ClubhouseEA$35
July 244ClubhouseFA$35
July 262ClubhouseEB$35
July 264ClubhouseDK$35
July 264ClubhouseBAA$50
July 274ClubhouseDK$40
July 272ClubhouseEB$35
July 284ClubhouseDK$50
July 282ClubhouseEB$50
July 284ClubhouseEA$50
July 28
July 292ClubhouseEB$75
July 294ClubhouseFA$75
July 302ClubhouseEB$50
July 304ClubhouseBAA$80
July 304ClubhouseEA$55
July 304ClubhouseFA$55
July 311ClubhouseBAA$60
July 312ClubhouseEB$35
July 314ClubhouseDK$35
July 314ClubhouseEA$35
July 314ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 24ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 24ClubhouseDK$35
Aug 22ClubhouseEB$35
Aug 2
Aug 24ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 34ClubhouseBAA$75
Aug 3
Aug 34ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 44ClubhouseEA$50
Aug 44ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 56GrandstandRO$75
Aug 510GrandstandRP$75
Aug 52ClubhouseDK$150
Aug 51ClubhouseFA$150
Aug 6
Aug 64ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 7
Aug 74ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 92ClubhouseEB$35
Aug 94ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 94ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 102ClubhouseEB$45
Aug 104ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 104ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 112ClubhouseEB$50
Aug 114ClubhouseEA$50
Aug 114ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 122ClubhouseEB$100
Aug 124ClubhouseFA$100
Aug 134ClubhouseBAA$80
Aug 132ClubhouseEB$50
Aug 134ClubhouseEA$50
Aug 134ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 142ClubhouseEB$35
Aug 144ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 144ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 164ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 162ClubhouseEB$40
Aug 164ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 164ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 174ClubhouseBAA$75
Aug 172ClubhouseEB$45
Aug 174ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 174ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 184ClubhouseBAA$80
Aug 182ClubhouseEB$50
Aug 182ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 192ClubhouseEB$125
Aug 192ClubhouseEA$125
Aug 204ClubhouseDK$55
Aug 204ClubhouseBAA$80
Aug 204ClubhouseEA$50
Aug 202ClubhouseEB$50
Aug 204ClubhouseFA$50
Aug 214ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 214ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 212ClubhouseEB$35
Aug 214ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 234ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 234ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 234ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 244ClubhouseDK$50
Aug 244ClubhouseBAA$75
Aug 244ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 244ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 254ClubhouseDK$75
Aug 254ClubhouseBAA$80
Aug 254ClubhouseEA$75
Aug 254ClubhouseFA$75
Aug 2610GrandstandRL $125
Aug 2610GrandstandRM$125
Aug 264ClubhouseDK$300
Aug 264ClubhouseEA$250
Aug 262ClubhouseEB$250
Aug 264ClubhouseFA$250
Aug 274ClubhouseDK$50
Aug 274ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 272ClubhouseEB$45
Aug 274ClubhouseFA$45
Aug 284ClubhouseDK$35
Aug 284ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 284ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 282ClubhouseEB$35
Aug 284ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 304ClubhouseDK$35
Aug 304ClubhouseBAA$60
Aug 304ClubhouseEA$35
Aug 302ClubhouseEB$35
Aug 304ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 314ClubhouseDK$50
Aug 314ClubhouseBAA$75
Aug 314ClubhouseEA$45
Aug 314ClubhouseFA$45
Sep 14ClubhouseDK$55
Sep 14ClubhouseBAA$80
Sep 14ClubhouseEA$50
Sep 14ClubhouseFA$50
Sep 24ClubhouseDK$100
Sep 24ClubhouseEA$95
Sep 24ClubhouseFA$95
Sep 34ClubhouseDK$60
Sep 34ClubhouseBAA$75
Sep 34ClubhouseEA$50
Sep 34ClubhouseFA$50
Sep 44ClubhouseDK$35
Sep 44ClubhouseBAA$60
Sep 44ClubhouseEA$35
Sep 42ClubhouseEB$35
Sep 44ClubhouseFA$35