2016 will be our 16th year of providing great seats at Saratoga Racecourse. We have most of our seats in stock but we have a continuing supply of seats throughout the season so if you do not see what you would like please email us at spatickets@yahoo.com or call (prefer texts) us at 518-832-3796.

All seats are fully guaranteed. Spa Tickets website is a platform to facilitate resale of tickets and serves both buyers and sellers with personal one-on-one service. There are no extra fees with Spa Tickets except for a $9 Priority Mail charge for all orders under $300.

Please note that this year all ticket prices include both track admission ($5) and clubhouse admission ($3).

When the season starts, please check out our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/spatickets We post photos from the track every day.


Available Seats For Saratoga Racetrack:

  • Min order 2 seats
  • All groups of 4 are consecutive seats
  • Subject to prior sale
  • Price includes track and clubhouse admission where appropriate
  • All Prices are per seat

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Check Saratoga Seating Diagram here.

You can check out the racing calendar here.

Currently Available Seats:

Aug 292ClubhouseEB$40
Aug 294ClubhouseDK$45
Aug 29
Aug 294ClubhouseFB$40
Aug 292ClubhouseKK$35
Aug 312ClubhouseEB$40
Aug 314ClubhouseDK$40
Aug 314ClubhouseFA$35
Aug 314ClubhouseFB$35
Aug 312ClubhouseFH$35
Sept 14ClubhouseFA$35
Sept 14ClubhouseFB$35
Sept 24ClubhouseBG (aisle)$75
Sept 34ClubhouseFA$75
Sept 34ClubhouseFB$75
Sept 52ClubhouseEB$60
Sept 54ClubhouseFA$45
Sept 54ClubhouseFB$45